Spartac Responder Blend Coffee - Rescue

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Maybe you're at work, maybe you're at home. You never know when that phone is going to ring with the voice "you're needed" bellowing out of your phones speaker. You have a slight idea though, the latest emergency that's brought communities to their knees is a subtle but obvious give away that you're in for some long days ahead.

Anxiously waiting, you make your way to your coffee machine. Your training and skills kicked in hours earlier, knowing you'd have to be ready for anything... all you have to do is switch it on - it's already ready to go.

Moments later, you pour the coffee into your mug. Simultaneously, your phone rings. Coincidence much?

"Hello" you say before taking a sip of your freshly brewed coffee. Listening to the request on the other end, the caffeine strikes you followed by the taste of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco.

Without even a thought (and now highly alert) you say "I'll be there" with enthusiasm.

You you put on your uniform, you think back to the coffee and say to yourself "I know why that's Golden Bean Award winning coffee!"

Now ready to go after the pick-me-up, you storm out the door ready to serve!


Espresso Flavours:

Hints of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco.

Tasting Notes:

This rich intense flavoured blend produces a rich golden crema and a highly aromatic finish. Winning a bronze medal in the milk category this coffee provides customers with a consistently beautiful coffee


Brazil, India, Colombia, PNG

Whole coffee beans.

Roasted in collaboration with Australian Warfighter Coffee.

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