Spartac Responder Blend Coffee - Police

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You've just woken up after you could only dismiss five alarms today. You take your first step out of bed. You think you've just heard an orchestra of tree branches snapping as your lower back, hips, knees and ankles simultaneously snap - your day of dealing with the drabs of society has begun...

Although you continuously ponder "do I really need this job" with every step you take towards your coffee machine, you take the gamble and make it to the bastard. You find your first win for the day. Last night you were optimistic enough to fill it up and turn the auto function on. Unlike that one person on your team - your coffee machine hasn't let you down.

You fill your mug to the brink. A drop of coffee spills over and a bit of you dies watching it run down your mug...but you know you can't fathom losing any ounce of mother nature's nectar. Unashamed, you stick your tongue out and make your first save for the day.

The first taste feels like caffeine just punched you then offered you a sweetener of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco.

With every sip, you mount the will to face the day. You realise you have to go in now because, how else would you be able to get more of the beauty you just drank in the future?!

Continuing sip after sip, you think to yourself "I know why this coffee has won a Golden Bean Award". Just like that, you're assured that you're a winner too as you whisper "the best only drink the best."

Espresso Flavours:

Hints of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco.

Tasting Notes:

This rich intense flavoured blend produces a rich golden crema and a highly aromatic finish. Winning a bronze medal in the milk category this coffee provides customers with a consistently beautiful coffee


Brazil, India, Colombia, PNG

Whole coffee beans.

Roasted in collaboration with Australian Warfighter Coffee.

Packaging picture for illustration purposes only. Actual packaging may vary due to current print limitations. Don't worry, the coffee beans are still top notch.