Spartac Responder Blend Coffee - Fire

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You're sitting at the fire station. The annual Police vs Firefighters charity football match is not far off. You gander at the big arse trophy sitting on the cabinet and think "will we win by fifty points this year or a hundred?!"

Your drill session isn't far off …but being rostered on for so long, you've run out of pre-workout. "Where's my caffeine hit going to come from" you wonder!

Making your way into the kitchen, your eyes gravitate to a red line on the counter. You know this upcoming session isn't going to be light or easy. 

Once brewed, you sit down and take a sip. The subtle hints of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco flow down your throat dousing your urge for a caffeine hit. 

Now completely caffeine punched, you look back at the red line sitting on the counter and realise that the Golden Bean Award winning coffee is as irresistible as the annual Firefighters Calendar.

Espresso Flavours:

Hints of chocolate, honey liqueur, tropical fruit and sweet tobacco.

Tasting Notes:

This rich intense flavoured blend produces a rich golden crema and a highly aromatic finish. Winning a bronze medal in the milk category this coffee provides customers with a consistently beautiful coffee.


Brazil, India, Colombia, PNG

Whole coffee beans.

Roasted in collaboration with Australian Warfighter Coffee.

Packaging picture for illustration purposes only. Actual packaging may vary due to current print limitations. Don't worry, the coffee beans are still top notch.