Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask
Phantom Athletics Gym Equipment Small Phantom Training Mask

Phantom Training Mask

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Learn everything about the construction of the Phantom Training Mask!

Though working on your breathing is vital for your overall performance and well known in many traditional sports, the Phantom Training Mask is new and innovative for many athletes. Before starting your training, learn more about all the different components, how they intertwine and everything else you need to know about the Phantom Training mask.

The Phantom Training Mask consists of:

– Cover
– Phantom Regulation System (PRS)
– Xhale Valve
– Mask Body
– Sleeve
Combined, these parts bring you a true innovative training device that allows you to train in four different resistance levels, which can easily be adjusted during training without taking off the mask. Switch levels at anytime to get the most out of your workout!


Four different resistance levels for your training!

The Phantom Training Mask has four different levels of difficulty: Beginner, Advanced, Professional and Extreme. Thereby, you can easily adjust the masks' resistance level to your personal fitness and push your limit step by step. Besides, you can change the resistance level during training, depending on what your workout is demanding of you and what you are demanding of your workout.

Beginner – Level 1 / Phantom Training Mask

You are an ambitious athlete and want to work with this innovative training device? For getting started we recommend the Beginner-level. Get used to the mask and experience breathing and training with air supply resistance.

Advanced – Level 2 / Phantom Training Mask

You're exercising regularly and hard, but feel you have exhausted conventional training methods and you want to push yourself with the Phantom Training Mask and shift your limits? Then you should choose the Advanced-level.

Professional – Level 3 / Phantom Training Mask

You already have experience in training with the Phantom Training Mask and your are ready to step up your game, push your limits further and leave your competition behind? Then the Professional-level is the very thing for you.

Extreme – Level 4 / Phantom Training Mask

You are trained to the core and ready for the ultimate challenge? Then you can venture on the Extreme-level! Get ready for a hardcore workout and get the last out of your body. WARNING: We strongly recommend to first train in all other levels and get used to them. The Extreme Level is demanding everything from you and you will crush your limits!

Learn everything about the Phantom Training Masks' construction!

Breathing puts a limit to stamina and performance in sports. That is why the Phantom Athletics Team designed a tool which allows you to effectively train your breathing muscles and improves just that: your stamina and performance in your sport - The Phantom Training Mask. This training mask helps you to strengthen your diaphragm and your intercostal muscles and by that to push your limit of breathing beyond average and to the next level.

The Masks' concept is pretty easy: The Phantom Training Mask is used during training and subjects your body to more severe conditions. It increases the resistance while inhaling, which makes it harder for you to fill your lungs with air, therefore your breathing muscles will be trained and strengthened. The mask restricts your air supply, which means that the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles have to work harder - by increasing the resistance you have to breathe stronger and deeper. Summed up, you can specifically work on your breathing performance! But how exactly does the Phantom Training Mask Work?

Construction and technique of your Training Mask

The Phantom Training Mask consists of a mask body made of medical silicone and nylon, the Phantom Regulation System (PRS), the Xhale Valve, the cover and the sleeve. Each element was tested for quality, resilience and functionality. They were designed separately and intertwine just perfectly. Together, they make a nearly universal training device for athletes who want to reach their next level. We, the Phantom Athletics Team, tested the Phantom Training Mask during every stage of development on ourselves and together with our Pro Athletes. Proved and tested by professionals!

The Phantom Regulation System (PRS)

The innovative Phantom Regulation System (PRS) was developed from scratch by the Phantom Athletics Team – from the first drawings to production stage, we tested and optimized this innovation during the process in the lab, on ourselves and with our Pro Athletes during training. That way, in endless hours of work, we developed a tool, which meets the exact requirements of athletes like you! Athletes, who want to push their limits! Who want to leave their competition behind. Proved and tested by professionals! Thanks to the innovative PRS, the resistance level can be easily switched directly on the mask, during your workout. The regulation works without annoying removing or changing parts and interruption of your training! Just like a gear change you can shift the resistance level during training and adjust it to your personal need. Due to a lever which is located at the very front of the mask, the Phantom Regulator can be easily moved into position.

The Xhale Valve

The Xhale Valve allows you to easily exhale at any time. This way, consumed air can easily escape the mask, no matter which resistance level you choose. There is immediate space for fresh air. The Xhale Valve is located in the center on the PRS for an optimized air flow and a flawless air exchange. Turbulences are being reduced and no inconvenient, one sided airflow disturbs your training.

The Mask Body

The Phantom Regulation System and the Xhale Valve are inserted in an ergonomically formed mask body made of medical silicone. Medical silicone has two major advantages: on the one hand it reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations; on the other hand the soft material fits the shape of your face perfectly and guarantees a secure and tight hold. The mask body is ergonomically optimized to perfectly fit the shape of your face. In addition, the mask is available in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The Sleeve

The Phantom Training Masks' sleeve is made of extremely resilient fabric that brings many benefits. It is detachable and changeable so you can easily wash it after your workout. The sleeve is ergonomically shaped, leaves the mask firmly attached to your face and prevents it from slipping, even during your hardest and sweatiest training sessions. This is ensured by the innovative cut of our Sleeve, with a strap leading over your head, that holds the mask in place and guarantees optimum wearing comfort. In addition, the sleeves come in various colors and styles, which can be ordered separately. Create your own style and match your training mask with your outfit.

Is the Phantom Training Mask the right thing for me?

Yes – if you push your limits and reach the next level in your sport. Yes - if you expect a high quality training tool with maximum performance. When you use the Phantom Training Mask during your exercising, you will push your performance in various types of sports and become fitter, faster, stronger and you will leave your competition behind!

The Phantom Training Mask is suitable for nearly any kind of sport which demands power, conditioning and physical performance. From Fitness, Crossfit, Martial Arts, Running, Triathlon, Ironman, Soccer, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball to Track and Field: this list can be continued endlessly, these are just a few examples of disciplines and sports, for which the workout with the Phantom Training Mask is beneficial.

Phantom Training Mask – Xhale your limits!


The Phantom Training Masks Guarantee
We do not want to persuade our customers but convince them. For this reason, we believe that every athlete should get their own idea of ​​the phantom training mask. That's why we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee within which you can try the Phantom Training Mask in your sport. If you do not like it, you simply return it to us and receive the full purchase price*. 

Since we are more than convinced of the quality of our product, we also offer you a lifetime product warranty!

  • Train your respiratory muscles and increase your athletic performance
  • Change resistance levels during training without removing the mask
  • Ergonomic sleeve provides a comfortable grip and prevents slipping
  • Premium materials, such as medical grade silicone and durable nylon
  • Customize your workout mask with exchangeable covers and sleeves
  • Easy to disassemble and wash

    Outstanding quality
    The materials of the Phantom Training Mask meet the highest quality standards. The cover and the PRS (Phantom Regulation System) are made of the plastic nylon, which is incredibly resistant, but at the same time flexible. For the Mask Body we use medical silicone because it is absolutely hygienic and anti-allergenic. 

    The sleeve of the phantom training mask consists of a high-tech composite of two fabrics, which combined ultra light, comfortable elastic and amazingly resistant! In addition, the sleeve is breathable and absorbs sweat to give you maximum comfort during your workout.

     Size recommendation according to body weight:

    • up to 70Kg: Small
    • 70 - 100kg: Medium
    • from 100kg: Large

    * This guarantee is made by Phantom Athletics and may not be warranted by Spartac Australia or it's resellers. Please contact Phantom Athletics with regard to the 30-day Money Back guarantee and Life Time Warranty.

    Phantom Athletics, Spartac Australia and its resellers recommend training in pairs or groups when utilising this training mask. 


    Learn how the Phantom Training Mask works!

    Breathing is the core principal behind the Phantom Training Mask.

    We breathe. Inhale and exhale, without thinking, our whole life. Breathing is a natural process which we don't pay attention to, it happens in the subconscious. And yet breathing affects our whole body. That is why especially athletes who do a lot of sports and want to push their bodies over the limit should use the potential of controlled breathing techniques.

    This is how breathing works and how the Phantom Training Mask is functioning

    The breathing process consists of two phases: Inhaling and exhaling. This procedure is based on a physical law. Simply put, gases always move from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure. Therefore, when our breathing muscles contract, the space in our rib cage increases. This causes a vacuum and the air flows – just as physics tell us – into our lungs to equalize the pressure. The lungs are very flexible and elastic, that is why they inflate due to the extra amount of air. While exhaling our breathing muscles relax. But since now there is more air in our lungs, the pressure inside is much higher than outside and the air flows out again; we exhale and our lungs shrink to their normal sizes. This procedure repeats itself again and again. Inhale, exhale.

    But what happens with the air inside our lungs while we are breathing? While inhaling, the air flows through the trachea, through the bronchial tubes into our lungs and further to the pulmonary alveoli. Here, the oxygen contained in the air is being absorbed and our blood carries it to every part of our body. The more air comes in contact with the alveoli, the more oxygen we can absorb. The more oxygen there is in our lungs, the higher the oxygen level in our blood is. Our entire musculature is well supplied and every single muscle in our body is performing more efficiently. While being under high exertion, our body needs a lot of oxygen which is being transformed into carbon dioxide. This waste product is also being transported by our circulatory system into our lungs and being emitted while exhaling. And this process repeats itself. Day and night, while resting, while moving and under maximum exertion. Inhale, exhale.


    Breathing affects our whole body: It is a basic process for any kind of physical activity and performance capability. Therefore, a sharper focus on breathing is essential especially for people who are physically active, do a lot of sports and want to push their body beyond its limit.

    Training your breathing muscles – the principals behind the Phantom Training Mask.

    A lot of muscles are involved in the breathing process. But most important are two main groups of muscles: the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. The diaphragm is a thin, dome-shaped muscle which lies just beneath the lungs. When contracting, the diaphragm moves further down towards the pelvis into the abdomen. This causes a vacuum between lungs and the diaphram and the lungs inflate. The intercostal muscles are a group of muscles which widen the rib cage; due to that, there's extra space for the lungs to expand outwardly.


    Like any other muscle, the better the breathing muscles are trained, the better they work. The stronger they are, the easier the process of breathing is. The more resilient the muscles, the easier the movement. 

    Now we understand why breathing is fundamental for exercise and performance, especially when doing sports. So if we have the feeling of not obtaining optimum performance and not being able to go beyond our restrictions, it may be due to the fact that we didn't pay enough attention to our breathing and therefore we cannot achieve the best possible results.

    How the Phantom Training Mask works – Strengthening your breathing muscles

    We are all familiar with that problem: you do sports, train, want to progress and accomplish a goal. But at some point you reach a state where there's no improvement anymore, and even though you give your best there's no development. With weak breathing muscles we cannot reach an optimum level of conditioning and power. As mentioned earlier: Breathing is basic for physical performance. It doesn't matter how ambitious we are, sooner or later our conditioning will fail us, no matter how hard we exercise. Our breathing muscles, the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, get tired and are unable to work on an optimum level: Our breathing gets faster and more shallow, and the space our breathing muscles provide to our lungs shrinks. The available volume for air decreases. With every breath less and less oxygen and carbon dioxide can be exchanged. As a result, less oxygen can be provided, which has adverse effects especially during periods of physical stress. Summed up, this means that we lose power even faster and are unable to continue our workout.


    So if we do a lot of sports and have the ambition to improve and get fitter, faster and stronger, we are well advised to focus more on our breathing. With the appropriate training, we can well adjust that general framework. We should use our knowledge of how breathing influences our whole body and our performance to overcome these limitations and achieve our goals. Xhale your limits!


    Feel the Difference – Experience the Phantom Training Mask!

    Why should you work with the Phantom Training Mask? Since you know about the importance of breathing and want to tear down physical and mental barriers, the next logical step is to boost your breathing muscles and continue your training with the Phantom Training Mask.

    Strengthen your breathing muscles!

    By working with the Phantom Training Mask, you strengthen your breathing muscles – your diaphragm and your intercostal muscles - and give them a power boost. Like any other muscle in your body you can also train your breathing muscles and push their performance. The Phantom Training Mask works just like a dumbbell for your breathing muscles. It allows you to adjust the resistance while inhaling exactly to the level you need. The higher the resistance your breathing muscles have to cope with is, the stronger they get. Stronger breathing muscles help you to inhale deeper and more powerful and therefore to supply your body with the oxygen it needs, especially when training or competing without the mask afterwards. Every athlete has been at the point of highest exertion, when conditioning and power reach its limit. The more often you reach that point while training, the more you push your limit, the further you'll get. By that you reduce the effects of early tiring and muscle exhaustion.

    Boost your conditioning!

    This brings us to the essential effect for your training: The Phantom Training Mask is the ultimate boost for your conditioning – your stamina and power will be stimulated by the use of the Phantom Training Mask. The Phantom Training Mask assists you in sustaining longer, conquering your limits and by that reaching a higher level of conditioning. The point in which your body limits you will set in later – therefore you'll be able to perform better and longer on a high level.

    Boost your physical and mental energy! – The Training Mask Experience

    If you focus on your breathing, you will notice that it gives you concentration and focus and therefore you're able to experience your body with much more awareness. Focusing on breathing is a fundamental element in many eastern philosophies, especially in Yoga, Tai Chi and a lot of martial arts. It is about time to use that potential! Body and mind form a unit, and only when combined you're able to achieve an optimum performance level. By increasing the resistance while inhaling and demanding a higher effort, the Phantom Training Mask guides your focus towards your breathing. Summed up, the Phantom Training Mask does not only strengthen your body, but also your mind. The result is a physically and mentally more demanding and powerful training.

    Train more effectively!

    Thanks to the Phantom Training Mask you can exercise harder and more effectively: By the extra effort you're able to push your body more intense. The Phantom Training Mask encourages you to bring peak performance.

    In the long term, working with the Phantom Training Mask is beneficial in many ways: You can strengthen your breathing muscles, improve your conditioning, get physically and mentally stronger and train more effectively. Professional athletes and medical research have confirmed the positive effects of restricting the air supply on your training. Simply put,  you'll get tougher in your discipline, you'll be more focused and you'll be able to push your limits and achieve new goals. Xhale your limits!