Terms of Sale

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we have created this page to best assist you in your decision making regarding purchasing from us. Please familiarise yourself with these conditions AND our Terms of Service which these conditions are an extension of.

Terms of Service can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Further Terms of Sale;

- Any purchase/s from us is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms of Service and Terms of Sale.

- The product/s you are about to purchase may not be stocked physically by us and we may have to order it in. This may be from another warehouse, supplier or manufacturer.

- The product/s may be sent directly to you from another warehouse, supplier or manufacturer to be delivered to you in the most timely manner possible.

- Time frames for delivery vary and may be up to and in excess of six working weeks although we will make every effort to deliver your purchase/s as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

- The product/s you purchase may be on Back-order without notice. These product/s will be restocked and sent to you as soon as they become available from our supplier/s.

 - Perth Metropolitan customers may request items in which we do not stock physically for pick-up/collection from us however items must first be purchased through our website or our physical Point of Sale. 

- Spartac Gear is not obliged to refund you after making a purchase on our website or physical Point of Sale due to non-compliance to these Terms of Sale or our Terms of Service.

With that being said please note; We make every effort to stock as many products as possible and we are a very ethically run business with you as our most important asset, however, it is physically impossible to stock everything that we have access to and are able to sell to you (20 000+ products and counting).

This practise is generally standard across our industry. If you cannot wait for items to be delivered or available for pick-up, please bare these Terms of Sale in mind when making your purchase from us.