About Us

The Spartac Story

In early 2016 a Facebook page called 'Thin Blue Line Australia' was started by one of our co-owners. The page aimed at spreading the good work police around Australia, and the world, were doing on a daily basis. The inspiration for doing this was that the world was plagued by anti-police content so we wanted to raise morale for serving personnel and instil a bit of public trust wherever we could.

Fast forward to December 2016, a new admin was added to Thin Blue Line Australia. The page had about 1000 likes and was travelling satisfactorily. 

At this time, conversation began about the page and how we could take it to the next step.

We designed our first product - the Spartan Flag Thin Blue Line Patch. The patch looked great on Photoshop but we needed something more to it, after all, there were millions of patches out there - what made ours any better?!

Our answer was to give meaning to our patch and give it a purpose.

We started to explore the dark depths of mental health issues within policing - it was terrifying what we learned!

We used our first patch to start the conversation of mental health within policing and we donated where we could (still do) to emergency services charities like Blue Hope and Sirens of Silence. 

Whilst we were a business (still are) and not a charity, we needed to start doing our bit to help those who help others.

The patch was initially very well received and we were on a high...until.

It turned out not everyone understood what we were trying to achieve and some were darn right angry. As a result of this slight speed bump in the road, our heads went back to the drawing board and, in February 2017...Spartac Australia was born.

We came up with the name using our already popular Spartan TBL logo which Thin Blue Line Australia used and since we wanted to also sell tactical gear...well you get where this is going...SPARtan...TACtical...AUStralia...sounds a bit like Spartacus when you say it quick enough!

So, bam, Spartac Australia it was and we stuck our heads down with our blinkers on and got to work. The next few months saw Spartac go from one little humble patch to over 1000 products. Our Facebook page took well to the change hitting over 3000 page likes and our customers began to instil trust in products we brought them.

We focused on bringing our customers products with purpose. The products had to have a purpose. To this day, all of our products have purpose. Whether the purpose is to boost your morale and create solidarity or made for a specific job, you'll always find that we only source products, brands and suppliers that are the right fit for us - not the other way around. We don't add brands 'willy nilly' or 'just coz'!

Added to this - we were (and are) a brand too. We created numerous types of apparel which began gaining popularity. The only problem was, we were specific to the Thin Blue Line and we were inundated with requests from members of other services to add their service to our line up.

So why not - we listen to our customers and strive to give them what they want.

Born were the Thin Red Line, the Thin Green Line, the Thin Orange Line and later, our Defence Line.

We didn't just pluck these lines out of no where. These lines were meticulously thought through and everyone who served in any capacity should fit into one of them.

Yes, we realised the US has had their lines for quite some time but we're in Australia and we're not copy cats so we tailored our brand specific to Australia.

Fast track another year and our page likes went up exponentially, our brand was travelling well and we were beginning to get noticed. So much so, that we were invited to exhibit at the inaugural Australian Warrior Expo in Brisbane. 

To this day and beyond, we bring you, and always will bring you, quality products with purpose. We'll always focus on you, your needs and wants because we realise that not every business does. We simply go out of our way for you!

Our 20+ years of combined professional experience insures that you can trust us to bring you the best purpose-made products for your field - we put our reputation on it!