The Vault Introduction and Policy Outline

Welcome to Spartac's 'The Vault'. This blog is dedicated to our men and women who have or are serving but particularly, it's an avenue for them to share their stories of hardship anonymously through our website.

It's important to note that we are not a counselling service but we do realise that the plethora of policies make it difficult for people to just vent their traumatic experience/s - especially when it comes to using social media! 

When you submit a story to us, we will edit Names, Times, Dates and Places to protect your anonymity. After emailing us your story we will reply back to you with a number. Every blog will end with 'Anonymous ####'. The number on the end will correspond to the number we emailed you. This is your way of knowing it is the story you sent to us.

Each blog will have a disclaimer which prohibits anyone from copying, editing, republishing or reproducing the blog post without the expressed written consent of Spartac who requires the expressed written consent of the original authentic author.

Comments will be enabled however they will need to be pre-approved by us to avoid trolls, spam and any other harmful content.

We realise we are stepping into hot territory here and the likelihood of receiving suicide notes is very real. If we do receive these emails, we will refer them to the local authorities for immediate action and they may be disclosed if required to by law.

If you have gone through hell and you have pulled yourself back from it - we also want to know and share it with others. It may be the start someone needs for their journey.

Let it out. You'll be surprised at how much it can help!

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