Important update on how we do business

In late April 2018, we conducted a review of the way we do business. We found many key areas within our business model which we wanted to improve.

The key areas we wanted to improve were;

Back Orders

Shipping times

Back orders are sometimes unavoidable. Many factors may cause back orders from human error, supplier stock, freight times and even natural causes like weather delaying shipping.

Our goal is to set back orders to as close to zero as possible.

This means that if we are unable to stock it or have it shipped out to you within a reasonable amount of time, it will not be available on the site.

We have taken this measure in an effort to get our products to your door as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to stock everything (as much as we want to).

If there are products you want that are not available on our site, you can email us and see if we are able to obtain it. We can then place it on our order list from that particular supplier for our next order.

The flow on effect from eliminating back order products is that our shipping times become increasingly faster.

We do our best now to have your order shipped within 48 hours (business days) but we also work crazy hours which may sometimes impact this time frame.

So, whilst you may see less range in our store for the immediate future at least you know you will receive your purchase much quicker.




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